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Website Production

The internet is a world-wide marketplace.

The internet is a powerful communication tool.

The internet is a billboard for personal expression of ideas and philosophies, free from media bias.

The internet is a data storage resource.

WWVi's site development model includes: user profiling and analysis, advanced information architecture, rich media content for maximum impact and standards compliancy to maximize accessibility.

Our speciality, content management systems, uses state-of-the-art open source software to give our clients the cutting edge over their competitors. Additionally, our servers boast a 99.9% uptime. Systems are custom designed for each client and training is provided so that clients can maintain their own content if they wish.

Educate your clients with an informative and interactive website!

Our process for site development takes into consideration essential factors such as navigation structure, content, audience expectations and culture to produce a complete and useful design.
Structure, content, and expectations are considered before design takes place. A clear understanding of the mission of the company and the products and services offered is crucial to developing the aesthetics of a company Web site.

WWVi offers user profiling and analysis for complete comprehension of how guests will use the site and what they expect from the site. This understanding is critical for maximum impact and successful communication to your audience. The idea of user-centred design is an advanced principle used by Western Willow to produce a content-rich, standards-compliant, interactive experience for the users.

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